Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Ketamine for Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Ketamine was previously used mainly as a type of anesthetic during soldiers as well as in hospitals. Fast forward to 2020, and Ketamine Therapy for pain and mood disorders is gaining ground as being a promising treatment for depression, which happens to be the leading cause of disability worldwide.

What Is Neuropathic Pain?

Neuropathic pain sometimes referred to simply as nerve pain, is any pain caused by damage to the nerves themselves. Neuropathic pain is a complex pain condition and can be caused by a number of different issues within the nervous system. If you or someone you love suffers from neuropathy, you know how difficult it can make even basic tasks.

Symptoms of Neuropathic Pain

The symptoms are often described the same: shooting or burning pain, usually accompanied by tingling or numbness. Neuropathic pain can go away on its own with time but usually requires treatment to get better.

How Does Ketamine Help With Neuropathy?

As a vital part of the spinal cord, the dorsal horn is accountable for the transmission and inflection of pain that begins in the periphery. Among the most essential receptors in the dorsal horn is the NMDA receptor.

This leads to an opening of the NMDA receptor network allowing the influx of ions which brings about a waterfall of neurochemical events finishing with a discomfort perception by the mind. With the long term excitement of these receptors, the main sensitization takes place.

Ketamine obstructs the NMDA receptor and also quits the transmission of outer pain signals to the mind. With prolonged blockage during ketamine infusion therapy, the brain “restarts” and stops analyzing peripheral excitement as pain.

Could Ketamine Be The Solution for Your Pain?

If you are struggling with Neuropathic Pain, and other pain treatment methods have not helped, then Ketamine for Neuropathic Pain Treatment might be a viable option for you. Contact Premier Infusions today and schedule your appointment.

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