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Innovative New Treatment for Migraines in Bloomingdale, IL

You don’t have to suffer from untreated migraine pain any longer; Premier Infusions offers relief for severe headache sufferers with our migraine treatment in Bloomingdale, IL. Whether you get retinal or complex migraine symptoms, our physicians provide expert care during migraine ketamine treatment in DuPage County, IL.

How Can Ketamine Treatment Help With Migraines?

Emergency room physicians and inpatient services have employed migraine ketamine treatment to relieve patients’ intractable migraine pain. Dr. Eric Schwenk, the Director of Orthopedic Anesthesia at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and his colleagues conducted a study to gauge Ketamine’s effectiveness. All sixty-one patients studied received daily low dose Ketamine infusions for 3-7 consecutive days.

Almost 75% of the patients experienced an improvement in their migraine intensity. On a scale of 0–10, the average migraine headache pain rating at admission was 7.5, compared to 3.4 on discharge.

This, among other studies, shows the short-term relief capability of ketamine infusions for migraines. Are you ready to see what migraine ketamine infusions can do for you?


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Ketamine is a synthetic medicine that has primarily been used as an anesthetic agent in humans and animals for over 50 years. It is one of the most commonly used anesthetic agents in the world, because of its unique properties that make it incredibly safe to administer. 

Ketamine binds to NMDA receptors, and creates a glutamate surge, releasing growth factors that help make new synaptic connections in your brain. This paves the way for healthier thought patterns and increases your resilience to chronic stress.

The literature for depression shows a 70% success rate. Individual clinics have seen higher rates, because they have seen increased efficacy with increased dosing.

The low doses used for depression are in the empathogenic "heart opening" psychedelic dose range. People report feelings of love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and a touch of euphoria.

Ketamine will not be provided to individuals with schizophrenia, psychosis, or certain seizure disorders. Those taking aminophylline for asthma or COPD should not undergo ketamine infusions. If you have serious medical problems like uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiac disease, or pulmonary problems, a clearance will be requested from your primary care physician before undergoing treatment.

Is Ketamine Treatment Right for You?

Are constant migraines keeping you from leading your best life now? Contact Premier Infusions today and schedule your consultation and discover how Ketamine for Migraine Treatment can help you.

Ketamine Infusions for Migraines

Migraine pain can leave you feeling depleted and affect your quality of life. Migraine ketamine infusions provide relief for various conditions, including depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. When it comes to migraine treatment in Bloomingdale, IL, Premier Infusions provides low-dose ketamine infusions for several pain syndromes. Our clients with complex and retinal migraines report positive results after receiving ketamine therapy.

Complex Migraine Treatment

Complex migraines sometimes cause symptoms that make you feel as if you’re having a stroke. Auras, which include flashes of light, vision changes, blind spots, and tingling fingers, often accompany these headaches. When you get an aura, it often signals a migraine is on the way. Complex migraines may include stroke-like symptoms, severe auras, and long-lasting conditions.

Complex migraine treatment in Bloomingdale, IL, may decrease the severity and duration of migraine pain. Make an appointment to talk to one of our physicians to determine whether ketamine infusions may help with your condition.

Retinal Migraine Relief

We also treat other types of migraines, such as retinal migraines. Retinal migraines impact your vision and can be very frightening when they occur. During these attacks, you may experience certain visual symptoms in just one eye. The symptoms include the following:

  • Scintillations or twinkling lights
  • Temporary blindness
  • Scotoma or areas of lost vision

These visual symptoms are a precursor to an oncoming migraine, which may occur 60 minutes or so after the symptoms first appear. When you come in for migraine treatment in Bloomingdale, IL, one of our physicians will evaluate your specific symptoms and explain how ketamine infusions can provide relief from migraine symptoms.

A similar condition called an ophthalmoplegic migraine can result in visual changes and pain for weeks. Ketamine infusions have proven effective against these lingering maladies.

New Migraine Treatment in DuPage County, IL

If you have retinal, ophthalmoplegic, or complex migraines, and other treatment types have proven ineffective, talk to your doctor about ketamine infusion therapy. Schedule a consultation at our clinic to learn about new migraine treatment in DuPage County, IL. Migraine ketamine treatment is a safe way to find relief from migraine pain that can put you out of commission for days.

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